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IINERT Bibliography

This database contains over 600 entries related to the In-Place Inactivation and Natural Ecological Restoration Technologies (IINERT) Soil-Metals Action Team's interests and research.

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Soil/Site Survey

The In-Place Inactivation and Natural Ecological Restoration Technologies (IINERT) Soil-Metals Action Team wants to identify areas for use as potential research field sites and to collect sufficient quantities and types of soils for research purposes. The Team has grouped the types of sites to be include in these studies based on the source of lead (Pb) contamination, such as:

  • Industrial or waste sites, including tetraethyllead and ammunition manufacturing, burning grounds, and battery breaking;
  • Mining and smelting operations;
  • Orchard sites on which PbAsO4 pesticides have been applied;
  • Soils contaminated mainly from paint or leaded gasoline emissions; and
  • Firing ranges.

The Team wants to study soils and sites with total Pb concentrations from 0.2 to 1 percent, although concentrations above and below this range also may be desirable. Other inorganic and organic contaminants also may be present. The plan is to collect surface soil samples in bulk (55 gal.) from each of the Pb-contamination source groups. The samples will include soils of various textures and pH. All soils will be characterized by standard methods for relevant soil properties and made available to IINERT Team members for additional study.

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