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Phytorem Listserv

This mailing list is for the discussion of research and development of phytoremediation (the use of plants to remediate contamination). Topics relevant to the list include:

  • uptake of ground water and contaminants by plants;
  • enhanced microbial activity in the rhizosphere;
  • fate and transport of contaminants in plant root zones;
  • phytotoxicity and revegetation in contaminated soils;
  • transpiration and its effect on ground water flow; and
  • fate of contaminants in plants after uptake.

The above list is not meant to be exclusive. Any topic relevant to the use of plants for the remediation of soils, sediments and ground water is appropriate.

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PHYTONET - Phytoremediation Electronic Newsgroup Network

The Phytonet Newsgroup was developed to allow easy worldwide communications between scientists who work on problems related with Phytoremediation and Application of Plant Systems to Environmental Control. The Phytoremediation Electronic Network moderated by Nelson Marmiroli Phytonet Newsgroup is operated by the Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Parma, Italy.

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Other Resources

  1. Alternative Cover Assessment Program (Desert Research Institute Program Web Site)
  2. Assessment of Phytoremediation as an In-Situ Technique for Cleaning Oil-Contaminated Sites (367K/PDF)
  3. A Citizen's Guide to Phytoremediation
  4. Bioremediation Discussion Group Home
  5. Bioresource Engineering - Oregon State University
  6. DOE: Technology Information Exchange ("Phytoremediation: Natural Attenuation That Really Works")
  7. Environmental Security Technology Certification Program - Cleanup Projects page
  8. Ground-Water Remediation Technologies Analysis Center: Phytoremediation - Technology Overview
  9. HSRC’s Phytoremediation Page
  10. Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC) Working Group Reports
    The ITRC, a national coalition of state environmental regulatory agencies, works cooperatively with federal agencies and other stakeholders to improve the acceptance and interstate deployment of innovative environmental technologies.
  12. Phytoremediation at Utah State University
  13. Poplars and Willows on the World Wide Web
  14. USDA Economic Research Service - Industrial Uses of Agricultural Materials page

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