January 8, 2002
3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.


On January 8, 2002, the following members of the Remediation Technologies Development Forum's (RTDF's) Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (NAPL) Cleanup Alliance met in a conference call:

Randy Breeden, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 8 (Alliance co-chair)
Mark Lyverse, Chevron Research and Technology Company (Alliance co-chair)
Jeff Hostetler, TriHydro CorporationDawn Kaback, Concurrent Technologies
Kathy Yager, EPA Technology Innovation Office (TIO)

Also present was Christine Hartnett of Eastern Research Group, Inc. (ERG).


The Alliance's Decision Framework Subgroup plans to write a NAPL management plan document. An annotated outline is due before the next Alliance meeting. Dawn Kaback said that she is taking the lead on drafting the outline, and will perform this work under an American Petroleum Institute (API) contract. (She expects the contract to be signed by January 11, 2002.) Kaback said that she will do about 60% of the work and that an API member will be hired as a subcontractor to perform the remainder. The subcontractor has not yet been secured, Kaback said, but several candidates have been identified. She hopes to identify someone experienced in regulatory issues and decision-making processes. Kaback agreed to use the following approach to select a subcontractor: (1) ask David Zabcik for a list of candidates, (2) interview candidates, and (3) document her selection process. Kaback will keep Alliance members up to date on the contract's status and the subcontractor selection effort.

Mark Lyverse said that he recently reviewed Texas' Risk Reduction NAPL document. This text (written by Groundwater Services, Inc.) describes how the State of Texas makes decisions regarding contaminated NAPL sites. Its topics include (1) determining NAPL recovery endpoints and (2) identifying a reasonable approach for demonstrating technical impracticability. Lyverse suggested reading this document before initiating work on the NAPL management plan. Kaback agreed to do so.


Call participants said that the next NAPL Cleanup Alliance meeting will be held in April 2002. They asked ERG to poll Alliance members to find out when (second or third week of April) and where (Sacramento, Tallahassee, or Newark) they want to hold the next meeting. Breeden said that he hopes that representatives from at least 20 states will participate; Yager agreed to create an invitation letter that will be sent to state regulators. Call participants agreed that the meeting should take place over a 2-day period and should focus on two topics:

Call participants stressed that they must find ways to solicit participation from state regulators. They agreed to identify potential invitees by:


Yager said that she will be in Washington D.C. in mid January. Randy Breeden advised her to sit in on a NAPL Cleanup panel that is being held as part of the National RCRA Corrective Action conference. Breeden said that panel members might be interested in learning about the NAPL Cleanup Alliance's activities. Yager said that she would call one of the conference planners (i.e., Chris Bryant) to obtain more information about the panel.

Hostetler said that activities are progressing nicely at the Casper Refinery site, where the third phase of field work is underway. The Site Characterization and Analysis Penetrometer System (SCAPS) work has been completed and soil cores are now being collected. Hostetler offered to provide a detailed update at the April 2002 Alliance meeting.